Web-Walk™ Kit, Green Screen Secrets & Video Camera Tips & Secrets
Learn How To Walk On The Web In Just Minutes.
All you need is a Green Screen, Video Camera & Adobe Premiere Pro
Learn The Secrets To Walk Over Images or Text Like Shown Below
Video Camera Secrets For The Best Transparent Video
Create this transparent special effects and even more!
This effect works on all desktop web browsers only!
Our FLV Transparent Flash Player (Flash Player) & Scripts Included.
Now Only $69.97

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We Are Engineering Today For The Future:
Lawrence R. Hughes developed the transparent player used on this page. We wanted it to be borderless and control-less to enhance the Web-Walk special effect, this is the same flash player that is in the kit. These types of Green Screen special effects have proven to be a great marketing tool over the internet.
The Kit will provide you with tips & secrets about Chroma-Key Green Screen to achieve the best possible transparent video quality.
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