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STEP 1.0: Please Fill-In All Blanks
1.1: How will your product or service benefit your customer?

(learn how to make money, start a business, quit smoking, learn how to save money, etc.)
1.2: How quickly can you help your customer benefit from step 1.1?

(2 minutes, 1 hour, 5 days, 1 week, 3 weeks, etc.)
1.3: What can your customer expect from your product or service?

(save $1000.00, make $52,000.00, etc.)
1.4: Number of steps you give the customer to obtain results from 1.1?

(4 secrets, 10 steps, 5 simple steps, 2 special tips, etc.)

Knowing how to Write winning headlines is everything! Winning headlines can make or break your story. A headline is the same as a title for a Web Page or Blog which can also make or break your listing on Search Engines. What is meant by make or break? Your title has to capture the interest of the reader at a very quick glance (milliseconds). We can help you achieve your goal to write a winning title for a story, newspaper, web page, and blog. You can use it as many times as you like or until you get it just right. If you do have success or think others would enjoy using it, then add the link provided to your webpage or blog please.

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