Add Google Site Gadgets.
Custom Website Gadgets Developed Here.
A Custom Website Site Gadget placed on other blogs and websites can help drive Traffic to your website.
We Develop Modules for use on Websites & Blogs.
A Gadget Module should provide good content that users can use when they visit other websites.
Insert Free Ready Made Gadgets to your Page:
Adding the above modules is simple!
Once logged-in at your Google Page, Select the Edit Page Button, next in the upper left click Insert and a Menu will appear, now within the Menu, click More Gadgets and select Add gadget by URL
To Install the Tornado Warning, simply insert the following link in the box provided for Add gadget by URL
To Install the Winter Storm Warnings, follow the same method as above, but use this URL:
You can have as many modules as you like on your Page(s).
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