Getting Started:
Enter a single keyword or Phrase in the Keyword(s)/Phrase textbox provided. A Phrase may be like: "weight loss" or "Make Money Online"
ListBuilder will search the Social Sites you select with the Social Site Selector for your keywords or keyword Phrase. You must select the type of leads you want to capture with the EMail Selector.
ListBuilder will search and find any and all targeted leads of people interested in or have shown a past interest within the Phrase or Keywords you have selected. After you have entered your Keywords or Phrase, and Email Address selection, Click the Start button.
ListBuilder will display: "Working" as the targeted leads are being captured. Our software system filters all leads and removes any duplicates before they are displayed in the Email Addresses box. There is nothing worse than having duplicates!
ListBuilder will display: "Standby" when the current capture session is completed. All captured Email Addresses will be displayed as well as a running count. You have several choices at this point. You can copy and paste all of the displayed leads to your List or Click the Save button. Additionally you can select another Social Site and or New Email Address from the Selectors, this allows you to append to the existing list.
ListBuilder Let's you select "Search Last 30 Days Only". What does this mean? Leads captured will be fresh and were posted by various users within Social Media sites. Use this feature for the very latest Addresses.
Note! Register for the full version of ListBuilder by clicking the Register Button within ListBuilder. Remember: Don't miss out on thousands of targeted leads for your list by not registering! Register Today!
System Requirements:
IBM type PC Compatible Computer.
133Mhz or better CPU.
256MB or better System Ram.
Windows; 11x86, 11x64, 10x86, 10x64, 8.1 x86 8.1 x64,
8 x86, 8 x64, 7 x86, 7 x64, Vista

Allows user to capture leads from Social and Classified sites
Internal Duplicate corrections
All captured leads can be saved to a standard Windows text file
All captured leads can be Copied and then Pasted to your mailing list
Easy to use User interface
Uses Asynchronous Web Technologies
Moveable Desktop Gadget
Free future Upgrades for Registered Users
HTech Marketing GROUP provides one method for payment: Online via HTech InstaLicense™ You must click the Register Button, next your default Web Browser will take you to our Payment Site. Once there, you can register your copy of ListBuilder.

After Payment is made at our HTech InstaLicense™ site, be sure to exit out of ListBuilder & restart ListBuilder for Registered Version.
Did ListBuilder install ok and function on your Computer?
If your answer is "Yes", then you can register your copy for the full version.