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Answer_It Digital Telephone Answering Machine FAQ

    Q: I get an error #6 (out of memory) when a caller is leaving a message?

    A: Yes, we found a bug with Windows 2000 & XP. Simply uninstall
        Answer_It and install Answer_It v3.30 or above.

    Q: I set the Record time, but it onlys records 15 seconds of the message?

    A: Increase your record volume, our silence detector
        is detecting the lack of noise and hanging up the call.

    Q: I get the message not a Voice Modem?

    A: Click "Conf" and select your SoundCard.
        Also install the correct Drivers for your Modem.

    Q: Answer_It is not displaying the CallerID when someone calls.

    A: Even though the modem specification says that it supports CID,
        it may not work in your Country. Check the modem manufacturer's
        web site for an *.INF file specific to your Country.
        CID (CallerID) is different in many countries.

    Q: When I am surfing the internet it won't answer calls.

    A: Answer_It is no different than a home answering machine
        and was not designed for the internet!

    Q: When I call into my modem it will not answer the call.

    A: Either the modem is not connected to the telephone line
        correctly or some other program like fax software
        has control of the Modem. Just like the Fax software
        will not share the Modem with Answer_It, Answer_It
        will not share the Modem with other programs.
        Simply shutdown the other program and Answer_It will work

    Q: When I try to Play or Record a message I get an error #6
          that device already in use?

    A: This problem has been corrected in v3.10 of Answer_It.
         Simply select your SoundCard via the "Conf" button.

    Q: When I load your Software it says Can't Open Modem error #5?

    A: Goto your control panel and select modem, then diagnostics
         You will get the same error! It appears that your modem is installed
         incorrectly. When you get your modem to work with the diagnostic
         test, then it will work with our Software.

    Q: I can see messages like: message, endrectones & Takemessage
         where my messages are suppose to be?

    A: You did not uninstall Answer_It v1.x - v2.0 correctly!
         Simply left click these unwanted messages, then click the
         "Delete Button" to remove them.

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