Answer Guard! Telephone Software

Telephone Call Screener Release v1.2.0

AnswerGuard! Stops Annoying Telephone Calls!
Callers Must Enter A PIN Code To Get Through.

Supported Operating Systems:
Win2000,Win7 x32,Win7,x64,Win98,WinOther,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP,Other
System Requirements:
16MB Ram, Voice Modem, Sound Card & TAPI (TAPI 2) from MS
Install Support: Install and Uninstall



AnswerGuard! Call Screening Software that works around the clock intercepting annoying telephone calls.

Telephone Call Screener that gives you the ability to restrict whose calls can get through to you. Imagine not being bothered by telemarketers, collection agencies, wrong telephone numbers and more. You can not get these features from your local telephone company only from HughesTech's "AnswerGuard!" Software! The only requirements are that a voice modem and sound card are installed in your PC. AnswerGuard! also functions as an answering machine.

AnswerGuard! works with regular telephone lines, not over the Internet. There is no need for Internet access to use it. You can deactivate all of your telephone ringers and let AnswerGuard! handle all of your calls.

When AnswerGuard! answers the telephone, it greets the caller with a voice message. The caller is asked to enter his or her 4 digit PIN. You provide PIN Codes only to the people you want to call you. If the caller enters a valid PIN Code, then they are notified that the number entered was correct and that you are being notified at this time. Your speakers will ring just like a phone. If no one answers then the caller will be given the option to leave a message or hang-up. If the caller does not have a PIN Code or enters an invalid one then AnswerGuard! will go directly to the message option. With AnswerGuard! installed, you will never be caught off-guard by someone you don't want to talk with.

AnswerGuard! Features

  • Master PIN Codes 4 digit range 0000 - 9999 Default PIN: 1234

  • Temp PIN Codes 4 digit range 0000 - 9999 Default PIN: 1234

  • Telephone Line Volume Control For Greetings.

  • Telephone Line Record Volume Control.

  • Time & Date Stamped Messages For Easy Playback Or Deletion.

  • Answers Telephone Line Automatically.

  • Play Button For Playback Of Recorded Messages.

  • Stop Button To Stop Playing Of Recorded Messages.

  • Delete Button To Delete A Recorded Message.

  • Telephone Line Status Window.

  • Hide Button To Hide AnswerGuard's Window.

  • Test Routine For First Installs To Check Type Of Modem.

  • All Incoming Messages Are Stored As Wave Files In Current Folder.

  • Temp PIN Used For People Who Will Only Call You Once.

  • Power Button To Stop Private Line.

  • Life Time Online FREE Software Upgrades If Any.

  • Answer Button To Answer Valid Call (Must Lift Telephone Handset First).

  • All Out Going Messages Recorded In Wave Format 8000Hz 16Bits.

  • Answer Button Will Only Appear When A Valid Call Is Present.

  • Silence Detector Automatically Stops Recording Incoming Messages.

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